We provide all types of pest control services for households, societies, hotels, banks, factories, companies, institutions etc. we developed pest control methods which are best suited for your environment. We offer services to residential as well as commercial pest control for general disinfestations service, termite control service, bedbugs control service, rodent control service, wood border control service, mosquito control service, bird-pro control service, and dogs-ticks service. Our aim is to help our customers to stay away from pests and maintain cleanliness. We believe in pest management and not only control.

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General Disinfestations Service

Is recommended for control of cockroaches and other household pests such as Red & Black ants. We have the capability to treat all kind of cockroaches with the most advanced gel and spraying for silverfish and ants without any effect on the people. This treatment is quite safe, quick and effective.

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Termite Control Service

Termites belong to order ‘Isoptera’ meaning ‘Equal Wings’. Termites are known for a destructive group of insect pest control and they can destroy the huge amount of wooden structure. White colour ant can damage a lot of doors, wooden furniture, and household the wooden article.

TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, pest control services

Bed-Bugs Control Service
Bed-Bugs Control Service is a cosmopolitan pest that is often found in human habitation. Primarily bedbugs attack humans but it can feed on any blooded animal such as mice, birds, and pets. Bedbugs can easily spread and it is difficult to treat in a rapid growth in the bedbug outbreaks.

BED-BUGS CONTROL SERVICE, pest control services

Rodent Control Service

Rodents are intelligent mammals and related with mankind from hundreds of years. Rat control or rodent control is a tough challenging activity because rodenticide is a poison it leads to slow death for rodents.

RODENT CONTROL SERVICE, pest control in hyderabad

Wood Border Control Service
 Powder post beetles also known as Woodborers. Unlike termite, it is an equally important pest, which destroys wood. Wood borer treatment and it requires oil base service treatment which is carried out for wood borer on a wood surface.

WOOD BORDER CONTROL SERVICE, pest control in hyderabad

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes are foremost in man’s war against insects. Mosquitos undergo complete, metamorphosis and mosquito-borne diseases are the major health hazard. It is well known as infuriating biting pests and disease- causing agents. Mosquitos rely on the heat sensors and it tracks warm blooded mammals.

MOSQUITO CONTROL SERVICE, pest control in hyderabad

Bird Pro Control Service

Droppings are unsightly on a residence or a corporate office, and in warehouses can cause a very serious economic loss due to contamination of the stored product.

BIRD PRO CONTROL SERVICE, Dog tics control services, pest control services in hyderabad

Dogs-Ticks Service

The dog tick is a 3–host tick, so must change host between the 3 stages of growth (larva, nymph, and adult. It is designed especially for dog ticks which will cause diseases among dogs such as anaplasmosis, and Lyme disease even treatment differs for different breeds. Depending upon the ticks the number of times the treatment has to be taken either it is once, twice or thrice.

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